SpamTitan VMware

SpamTitan for VMware® is a complete operating system and software suite designed to run on VMware. Using VMware® will enable you to run SpamTitan on any server irrespective of the operating system.

Full SpamTitan software and OS can be downloaded for free as an image file and burned to CD for installation on a VMware® platform

SpamTitan VMware® Technical Specifications

  • Double antivirus scanning with zero day attack supported by Kaspersky Lab.
  • Multi Layers of spam protection, including custom pattern filtering rules to block or accept messages based on filter rules applied to messages subject, header or body.
  • End user quarantine reports available in 14 different languages.
  • Content filtering that enables to block unwanted attachments including file types, mime types and renamed files.
  • Highly effective, with low False Positive rate of less than 0.03%.
  • Ability to blacklist top level domains (TLD).
  • RBL lookup
  • Web based GUI allows to access SpamTitan using an intuitive web based interface.
  • Fully automated updating, backup reporting, including antivirus, anti spam, new version releases, configuration back up and management reports.
  • Plug and Play solution, up and running in 30 minutes.

How does it work?

  • Download SpamTitan for VMware®.
  • Download VMware® and install it.
  • Using your version of VMware® load the SpamTitan image.
  • Configure SpamTitan and protect your email.
  • 30 day Free Full Product Support.
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Powerfull - Protection, Powerfull - Performance

Avira's ultra-rapid malware protection with award-winning detection technology provides the necessary security for your PC. Together with the versatile Avira System
Speedup, a powerful all-round security package is at your disposal. In the online world, it's no longer just about protecting your PC - That is why Avira Antivirus Pro for Android is on board. It protects your mobile devices from data loss and ensures safe surfing on the go.

Standard - Protection

Antivirus/AntiAd/AntiSpyware Stops malware such as viruses, worms and Trojans; blocks online spies and annoying adware

Internet Protection Protects against website-based viruses and malware
Mail Protection Checks incoming and outgoing emails and attachments for malware
Network Drive Protection Checks shared folders for malware

Advanced - Protection

Advanced Real-Time Protection Avira’s innovative cloud-based detection technology
Avira Browser Safety Protects your privacy and blocks online threats
Technical Support Find out about your different support options at
Online Essentials Manage the security of all your devices in a single user interface


Avira System Speedup Analysis and cleanup to get your PC working just like the very first day
Avira Antivirus Pro for Android Extended virus protection, phone locator, anti-theft, remote yell and more
DriveLock Private Our German encryption software protects up to 3 GB of your personal data, locally and in the cloud
Laplink PCmover Express Automatically moves all selected files and personal settings to a new PC


Compare Home Solutions

Security that is as reliable as the machines it protects.

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Avira AV




Device control  
Real Time Protection    
Secure Surfing  
Data and identity protectoin  
Secure home network  
Smart technologies  


Faster PC      
Peak performace      
Exstra space and memory      
Data privacy      
Longer batery life      
File encryption        


Enhanced control      
Firewall optimizer      
Intuitive control panel      
App overview      
Rule management      
Activity report      
Encrypted traffic      
Secure WiFi      
Anonymized activities      
Open web      


Compare Business Solutions

Security that is as reliable as the machines it protects.


Antivirus Pro


for Endpoint


Small Business

Real Time Protection  
Complete web protection
Powerful network protection
Online management console
Anti-phishing and web protection
Premium support
File server protection  
Resource-light server security  
Protection for Exchange Servers    
Network Protection    
Flexible management    

Avira Product Store

393,25 ZAR

Avira Antivirus for Small Business

Avira Small Business Suite

193,69 ZAR

Avira Professional Security

Avira AV-Pro Business

216,22 ZAR

Avira Antivirus Pro - Business Edition

Avira Anti-Virus Pro

181,60 ZAR

Avira System Speedup

Avira Speedup

268,80 ZAR

Avira Antivirus for Endpoint

Avira Endpoint security

Avira Antivirus for Endpoint (Contain 3 licenses)

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