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SOTI provides best-in-class enterprise mobility management to help enterprises extend mobility throughout the entire organization. Building on our long and successful track record of mobility management, SOTI provides powerful security and management across all mobility endpoints with a single solution to maximize business value of your mobility investments. SOTI MobiControl, our award-winning mobility management solution provides the ability to securely manage mobile devices and connected peripherals, applications, content, and email. With MobiControl’s advanced security and management features, businesses have granular control of how mobile devices are used for business, and how data is accessed to ensure sensitive corporate information is kept in authorized hands only.



Remote Control & Remote View

Live, Real-Time Support
Fastest and most reliable interactive remote control of Android and Windows devices for optimal Help desk capability and troubleshooting. Remote view and advanced device management for iOS devices.

Multi-OS & OEM Device Management

Simplifying Enterprise Complexity
SOTI MobiControl is a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution for managing your entire fleet of mobile assets irrespective of the operating system, OEM device, Telecom service provider and network type. The centralized, web-based management console provides total visibility and full control of your corporate, shared and personally-owned mobile devices.

Scalable Deployment

Scaling Enterprise-Wide Mobility
SOTI’s MDM solution is robust and reliable at any scale of deployment. Leveraging deep domain expertise with 80,000 customers globally in all major vertical and niche markets, SOTI’s Mobi- Control manages millions of mobile devices.

Advanced Reporting Engine

Gaining Strategic Insights
The SOTI MobiControl management console can be used to generate an extensive catalog of standard and custom reports on key areas of your enterprise mobility environment. High level or granular analytics can be automated and pre-scheduled to monitor numerous parameters over a specified time period. Reports can be generated and exported in all major file formats.

Configurable Administration

Monitoring Exceptions and Enhancing Productivity
SOTI’s alert rules engine can be quickly and effortlessly configured to monitor device, custom data and server specific incidents. These rule-based events can trigger messages to be sent to designated audiences on a managed device. Administrators can identify when a device is online, offline or roaming away from its home zone.

Corporate Security

Safeguarding Mission Critical Content
SOTI’s role-based profile access ensures only authorized users can view and manage enterprise assets.

Enterprise Architecture

Integrating Enterprise Systems
SOTI’s mobility solutions can be integrated with your existing enterprise systems to manage your mobile deployment through the use of device management APIs.

Global Technology Provider

Supporting Multiple Languages
SOTI MobiControl’s management console is available in several major languages.

Multiple Delivery Formats

Always Available and On-Demand
SOTI’s award-winning enterprise mobile device management solution is available as an On-Premise license as well as a Cloud-Hosted solution.


Defining Virtual Boundaries
Geo-fencing enables the creation of a geometric shaped fence around a geographical area to trigger alerts and pre-defined actions when devices enter or exit the boundary.







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