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SpamTitan Email Security adds Sandboxing…

14-03-2019 Spam

SpamTitan email security customers, both new and existing, got a pleasant surprise earlier this week when leading cloud security vendor TitanHQ added both sandboxing and DMARC authentication to the SpamTitan...

2019 Security Predictions

09-01-2019 Firewall

Sample Image

This year the team at the WatchGuard Threat Lab imagined a string of attacks that could lead to a cybersecurity apocalypse. Our security predictions for 2019 span from likely to...

Shavlik’s agentless patch management is an easy-to-use security software solution that discovers missing patches and deploys them to the entire organization. Most organizations focus on patching servers with OS patches. Shavlik Protect goes beyond OS patching

and adds third-party software update distribution, virtual infrastructure patching, and patch scanning for all the Windows systems on your network

With the SCCM integration, Shavlik allows customers now to use their preferred console with Shavlik directly integrated to make it a one-stop solution to patch all software from a central point. SCCM has a great base for delivering software and updates to all the workstations in the organization. However, while Microsoft provides tools to distribute updates for the operating system and Microsoft applications, they lack functionality to automate the distribution of third-party application patches, causing IT headaches due to the amount of time staff must spend on third-party applications. Because of this, some IT organizations choose to ignore this patch management issue altogether. Shavlik Patch solves the problem by using the existing SCCM patch management infrastructure and console to deliver third-party patches. You can rely on proven Shavlik expertise to deliver patches for the most vulnerable software to your endpoints.