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Vembu BDR Suite v4.0.1

13-05-2019 Backup

The new Vembu BDR Suite v4.0.1 release includes significant enhancements and bug fixes that are geared towards performance improvement. Also, this release addresses the issues reported by customers on the...

Cryoserver Email Archiving Appliance Mul…

24-04-2019 Archive

In today’s litigious environment just about every company needs to keep complete and accurate email records. Offering a solution to this dilemma, Cryoserver is the world’s leading resource for...



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Freedom to focus on the bigger picture

Introducing the new Avira Professional Security: smart, scalable security enhanced thanks to the introduction of Avira Protection Cloud.
The interconnectedness of today’s digital workplace brings unprecedented productivity – and risk. With less on paper and more online, your workstations and notebooks are the engines of your business. And they’re wired to the planet. Avira Professional Security delivers ironclad protection. Take advantage of automated updating and centralized management and free up IT staff time. Growing your business should be the first thing on your mind; phishing and malware should be the last.


Why choose Avira Professional Security?



The Avira Protection Cloud: Take your protection sky high with cloud scans as fast as lightning and virus information that is updated in real time.
Simple, modern interface: Version 2014 has given security a makeover: clean, simple, attractive. Who said antivirus can’t be a pleasure to use?
High performance protection: Powerful proprietary antivirus technology that consistently wins top awards for detection and performance.
New dangers neutralised fast: Our in-house virus lab works around the clock to prevent the latest threats.
Always on the hunt: Monitors every file access in real time, even archives.
Fast updates that don’t hog bandwidth or hold up workflow: The industry’s most compact program updates and virus pattern database files automatically update via the Internet without system interruption.
Rocket-speed simultaneous scanning of multiple files: Using file caching and multi-threaded design.IPv6 support: IPv6 protocol, the emerging standard for internet addresses, is now fully supported. Avira protects you in today’s online world – and tomorrow’s too.


Stay in control: Comprehensive notification and reporting functions are built in to the Avira Management Console, integrated scheduler lets you automate routine tasks when it’s most convenient.
Bold innovation without the clutter: Start actions like updates and test runs directly from the Avira Management Console. Stick with our user-oriented standard configuration or set your own expert level.Create different configuration profiles for different users Or allow them access to the Wizard for their own bespoke configuration.
Easily tweak security levels: For example, you can adjust the recursion depth when dealing with archives or scanning runtime-packed files.
Eliminates hassle along with malware: Virus found? Virus gone! All in one click of the Quick Removal tool, controlled from your Avira Management Console. Problem? What problem!  Generic Repair fixes PCs fast, solves issues automatically.
Removal of incompatible security software: Having multiple antivirus programs at the same time can have an adverse effect on your machine’s stability. Version 2014’s installer will perform a check for incompatible software and give you the option to remove it in one convenient step.


Extremely low administration overhead: “Set and forget” automated workflows, everything managed from one single point.
Intuitive operation saves you time, effort and money: No need for expensive training or user education.
Free Updates and Upgrades: Your license guarantees you the latest virus and malware protection available at no additional expense.
Support inclusive: Free Avira Gold Support included with every license during update period.
Transparent licensing: No hidden costs or non-inclusive essential extras. Even if you switch to a new or alternative supported operating system, your Avira license moves too, at no extra cost.
Won’t stress your systems: Our fast, resource-saving scanning technology reduces the load on servers, networks, PCs and storage drives, so they could last longer.