Growing Need for Mobile Device Archiving

Over the past several years, users have increasingly turned to mobile devices to consume and create corporate information. For example, a major Osterman Research survey found that 42% of the corporate content that users consume is accessed on a mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Moreover, 31% of the content that users create is on a mobile device.

However, archiving of mobile content has not kept pace with this paradigm shift in work behavior. For example:

  • While 98% of email from mobile devices is archived, only 48% of documents are archived.
  • Other data types from mobile devices - text messages, social media posts and phone call log data - are archived in even smaller proportions.
  • While archiving of content should be immediate, fewer than one-half of mobile users report that archiving from their devices - if it happens at all - occurs immediately and continuously. For one in eight users, there can be long periods before mobile content is archived, such as only when a user is connected to the corporate Wi-Fi network.

Content that is not archived from a mobile device immediately can be corrupted, lost or modified before it has the chance to be placed into a corporate archive. This creates a serious problem for organizations that need to archive content for legal or regulatory purposes, since it can result in an inability to place relevant data on legal hold or loss of important business records.

As a result, organizations that archive their electronic content must implement mobile archiving solutions that can migrate all relevant content from mobile devices quickly, efficiently and automatically.

The benefits of mobile device usage outweigh the risks; however, organizations must implement policies to mitigate risks. Policies must outline what is and is not appropriate usage of mobile devices. Policies must be clear and employees must be trained on them. By implementing an effective policy an organization is on its way to being protected from mobile device misuse. But policy is not enough. There needs to be a way to enforce policy.  Archiving mobile communications gives organizations oversight of all mobile communications. By easily accessing text messages, multimedia messages and phone call logs, you can quickly see whether employees are complying with your corporate policies. An effective archive of mobile usage gives companies the ability to enforce policies.

Retain provides multi-platform unified message archiving, eDiscovery and publishing for organizations looking to reduce costs, manage complexity and mitigate risk on-prem or in the cloud. Retain provides simultaneous support of mixed messaging platform environments.  Seamlessly view mobile (BlackBerry 10, 10.1 & Android), Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, GroupWise, Facebook, and Twitter archiving from one interface.

Retain Mobileā„¢ securely archives SMS/MMS and phone call logs for Android (2.2 and above), as well as BBM, PIN, SMS/MMS and phone call logs for BlackBerry devices. As mobile devices begin to permeate organizations and companies worldwide, an archiving solution for all of the communications data that is produced by these devices becomes a requirement. This solution ensures compliance with corporate policies or government regulations, thus reducing the opportunity for legal liabilities. Reduce your liability from mobile device usage with Retain Mobile, on prem or in the cloud.


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