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Johannesburg, 6 May 2013 - SEP Software Corp. has announced it has completed the certification of SEP sesam Version 4.2 for Microsoft Windows 2012.  As such, SEP Software becomes one of the first Enterprise class backup and disaster recovery solutions to be fully certified to offer complete backup protection for all Windows environments, including full online support for Exchange, SharePoint and Hyper-V.


“Our functionality is second to none in the Microsoft space.  As backup needs grow in complexity, SEP Software Corp. continues to evolve to provide the highest performing results,” stated Tim Wagner, President of SEP Software Corp.  “Our innovative features allow for the backup of not only all physical and virtual environments but offer the capability to have the same backup functionality in the cloud as well.  By backing up all important hypervisors including Hyper-V, VMware and Citrix XenServer, SEP sesam delivers the a truly unified and innovative solution that pushes the limit on performance and features.”

The release of SEP sesam version 4.2 offers a completely secure backup solution for Microsoft 2012 users.  Additionally, SEP's Hybrid Backup solution guarantees data backup, recovery and disaster recovery for all important O/S releases, including Windows Server 2003, 2008 R2, 2012 along with Solaris, Mac and all Linux Versions including Red Hat, SuSE and Debian.

“Our ability to move effortlessly from Physical to Virtual to Cloud assures that system administrators can ensure maximum uptime,” Wagner continued.  “Moving data not only from P2V and V2P, SEP sesam provides data security for VM's running on any hypervisor.  Additionally, our customers' data is stored in a free database and they are never locked in to any vendor.  The data is always available to them,” he added.

Ideally suited for the enterprise to the SM space, SEP sesam's intuitive GUI allows the system administrator to access and control the backup infrastructure from anywhere.  Backup topologies and policies can be created to perfectly match the needs of the individual institution.

File level or image backups of individual guest machines (P or V) can be performed, with Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Services (VSS) prior to the backup to ensure a stable point-in-time for the entire guest.  SEP sesam uses its Multi-Streaming Technology to facilitate unlimited simultaneous streams to provide the highest performance yet experienced in the backup market.

For more information on SEP and its product offerings, please visit us at http://www.sep.de

Click here to view a competitive analysis of SEP sesam:  http://www.sepusa.com/sites/www.sepusa.com/filesSEPsesam%20-%20Backup%20Exec.pdf


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