SEP sesam Enterprise Backup Solution



SEP sesam is highly scalable, award winning software that runs the same, whether on one server or 15,000 servers. SEP sesam backs up 1 GB or 1,000 TB. With its multi-streaming technology, SEP sesam leverages full network capabilities to utilize multiple, simultaneous backup streams to provide the fastest transfer rates and the most efficient backups possible. In optimized systems, backups exceed multiple TB per hour. SEP sesam’s DataStore and Virtual Tape Loader options increase flexibility and performance for system backups and data security.


SEP sesam is a comprehensive, single backup solution and will integrate seamlessly into any environment without any interruptions or data loss. It is an intelligently designed backup and disaster recovery solution that is set-and-forget technology. Daily maintenance requirements are less than one hour with SEP sesam and full email notifications are supported with optional scripted activity based on results. SEP sesam also can be configured to send industry standard SNMP Management Traps to a network management system. The mean time to recovery with SEP sesam will perform at theoretical maximums of the hardware involved, like no other software on the market today.


SEP sesam can backup to anywhere, onsite or offsite, including any remote location, locally owned physical location, cloud or privately hosted facility. Listed below are just a few of the key features that make SEP sesam a unique enterprise-wide solution