WebTitan 5.00 Conquering Online Risks

WebTitan 5.00 has been re-engineered to provide improved functionality, speed, and scalability. It also now includes advanced https filtering for sites using SSL inspection. It solves a key issue for the education sector: it supports  “YouTube for Schools" and "Safe Search" options, which remove inappropriate search engine when offering internet access to minors and children. The Safe Search functionality within WebTitan supports all leading search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

WebTitan 5.00 allows IT administrators to easily monitor, control, and protect online users and permits the creation of browsing policies that further safeguard your organization.

As more and more websites become SSL enabled, with major providers such as Facebook, Flickr and Google now defaulting to HTTPS, the need to be able to analyze SSL traffic has become critical.  SSL inspection is now part of the core WebTitan proxy. If you enable the SSL inspection feature, in addition to filtering HTTPS URLs, the relevant content is decrypted, examined, and, if appropriate, re-encrypted and forwarded to the client. With SSL Inspection, WebTitan can provide administrators with the ability to decrypt SSL encrypted traffic for specific domains and scan it for malware and policy compliance 

The new WebTitan 5.00 reporting module offers a redesigned reporting database and a new policy engine. It provides improved performance, making it easier and faster to schedule and access very large reports. Comprehensive reporting provides a 360-degree view of browsing activity throughout your organization. The WebTitan web filter supplies you with advanced protection from malware, phishing, and viruses. It allows your IT professionals to block access to unsuitable material such as pornography, hate speech, or mature sites, and control access to non-work related material in accordance with your company’s internet usage policy.

WebTitan Key Features:
•    Simple and quick set up, either as an appliance on in-house hardware or using virtualisation software.
•    53 website categories to choose from.
•    Spyware and malware detection.
•    Advanced, flexible policy engine.
•    Ability to block individual pages on https websites (sites using SSL inspection) that breach predefined policies.
•    Support for "Safe Search" and "YouTube for Schools"  removes inappropriate results from search engine results.
•    Time-based browsing access rules.
•    White and blacklists.
•    Real-time organizational browsing view.
•    Comprehensive on-demand and scheduled reporting options.
•    Accurate per-user reporting.
•    Very cost effective, providing excellent value.

This latest WebTitan release incorporates new and improved features and tools, allowing organizations to meet the increased challenge of web threats. If your business is unprotected, a single inadvertent click can be a disaster, enabling a Web threat to infiltrate your organisation via fast growing malicious websites, hacked legitimate websites, and malicious links. Without the proper protection, your business could become the next news story.

Gartner estimates that by 2015, 50 percent of small and midsize enterprises (SMBs) will have been successfully attacked through the Internet. Other research shows that over 80% of network infections and cyber thefts are a result of an employee unknowingly or intentionally visiting malicious websites.  WebTitan allows you to monitor, control and manage browsing so you can protect your organization and users.