SpamTitan Cluster

The SpamTitan cluster will allow you set up a multi node cluster of SpamTitan anti spam appliances providing load balancing and failover across the various nodes. The cluster can be managed through a single interface by the administrator proving centralized reporting and end user digests.

SpamTitan Cluster Features

  • Automated failover between the cluster nodes ensures undisrupted service.
  • Load-balancing allows for email loads to be shared in order to maximise the economic use of resources.
  • Unlimited cluster nodes.
  • A single SpamTitan appliance can be upgraded to a cluster adding as many nodes as is required
  • Single cluster management means that changes made in one machine will apply to all of the anti spam servers reducing the IT time required.
  • End users will receive a single daily quarantine report representing their quarantined email across all the cluster nodes.
  • Administrators can run cluster-wide reports providing single reports for all email activity.
  • SpamTitan supports clustering in separate geographical location allowing for cluster to be located on different networks.
  • Full feature functionality means that the cluster contains all the features of the single appliance solution, such as: double antivirus protection, over 99.9% spam blocked, email content controls, inbound and outbound email scanning and more.

How our does it work?