Filter Retainer/ Holder For Respirators



3M™ 501 Filter Retainer XH003403397

The 3M™ Filter Retainer 501, Respiratory Protection System Component holds 3M™ Particulate Filters 5N11 and 5P71/07194 (AAD) in place on top of 3M™ Respirators 5000 Series, 3M™ Cartridges 6000 Series and 3M™ Filter Adapter 603

3M™ 502 Retainer and Filter Adaptor 70070313211

The 3M™ Filter Adapter 502, Respiratory Protection System Component attaches 3M™ Particulate Filters 2000/2200 Series and 7093/7093C to the 3M Respirators 5000 Series and 3M Cartridges 6000 Series