Jupiter Powered & Supplied Air Respirators



3M™ Intelligent Charger CHG-02EU uu009100759

While charging, the yellow indicator stays lit to indicate "CHARGING" mode. The green LED lights up, when the battery is fully charged. Average battery charging time is 6-8 hrs

3M™ ADP-O1 Charger Adapter uu008970061

The 3M™ ADP-O1 Charger Adapter combines with CHG-O2 intelligent charger for air stream

3M™ Jupiter™ Ready to use pack A2P uu003719091

This Starter Kit includes a standard Jupiter Powered Air Turbo with Decontamination Belt and clip, Air Flow Indicator and Calibration Tube, a pair of Organic Vapour and Particulate (A2P) Filters, Pre-filters, Length-adjusting Breathing Tube, 8 hour Rechargeable battery (NiMH) and Battery Charger.